Фигуристы на роликах и коньках!
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Figure Skating on Roller Blades and on Ice

Skaters Vitaly Opekan and Elena Kalashnikova work together from 2013 onwards. During this short period of time the duo has alredy performed at various competitions in Russia, including the XI World Dance Olympiad 2014 at a Conference in Moscow Oriflame, New Year concert Megafon in Moscow and other events. We offer pair and single skating numbers on roller blades and on ice, acrobatic and dance numbers, as well as on your wishes we will do an exclusive performance. 
Phone: +7-929-6060-535 (Vitaliy)


About Vitaliy Opekan 

Ekaterina Gladkova: Moscow champion, champion of Russia among boys and girls, champion of Spartakiada Figure Skating Championships, participant of the Winter Universiade and the Grand Prix series, artist of different ice show. Ekaterina participated in shows by Ilya Averbukh, a theatre on ice Imperial Ice Stars, circus on ice and other projects. Education - specialist in physical culture and sport. carrently coach of figure skating and performer on ice and inline.

Vitaliy Opekan and Ekaterina Gladkova started skate together in summer 2016. During this time performed at the Concert devoted to 869-anniversary of Moscow's red square in front of president of Russia and government, opening of new ice rinks in Moscow, various ice shows and performances in Russia. Performing as well on roller blades and on Ice.

Phone: +7-929-6060-535 (Vitaliy)


You can invite us to any events, corporate, parties, presentations, concerts, competitions, ball and so on. Our advantages - we are performe virtually anywhere and are ready to prepare the special number for your order in a short period of time. Responsibility, punctuality. Also performing on ice. Pair and/or single (men) numbers. Group numbers on roller blades and on ice. Recommended size for skating is 15x20 meters, but can be significantly larger or smaller with asphalt, concrete, hardwood, stone, wood, plastic-coated, polished cement or granit, parquet, smooth as possible. You will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied! Cost is $250-450 USD for Performance (3-5 minites). Depending from number and neagotiate in evrey individual events. 50% prepayment is desirable.! 

Phone: +7-929-6060-535 (Vitaliy)

Vitaliy Opekan channel (канал на YouTube)


1. Бал финансовых и политических кругов России

Phones: +7-929-6060-535 (Vitaliy)